The company of Soora Ayria Mehr (SOORAMCO), by data engineering and improving the efficiency of organizations, provides a suitable platform for organizational planning and achieving the goals of the organization!

‘SOORAMCO’, having enough experience, is a pioneer in business intelligence, Web mining, data mining, portal content management system, accounting software, etc.

Capabilities of Sooramco Company

Consulting and implementation of the whole process of establishing business intelligence in large organizations, including:

Design, implement and execute ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) process and create a monitoring platform.

Design and implementation of data warehouse according to the business and needs of the organization with maximum efficiency.

Create a platform where each user, according to their access level, is only able to see the part of the information and dashboards that they are allowed to see.

Creating a platform for creating Ad Hoc and Self Service Analytics reports.

Create a platform for creating routine corporate reports and sending them to corporate clients in the form of Email, SMS or viewing them in the form of each user's personal dashboard.

Creating a data mining platform and creating forward-looking analyzes to predict referral trends and systems

Building location-based analyzes that can be used in order to have a better plan for geolocation-related indicators and anything related to geolocation.

Building mobile dashboards that give managers the ability to access the information they need on their mobile phone or tablet to run a business anytime and anywhere.

Development of various types of Cross Platform applications with .net core, including mobile, desktop and console applications, web applications, etc.

Design, implementation and maintenance of Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Improving database performance and Performance Tuning.

Build Interactive Dashboards with 360 degree monitoring and monitoring of all organizational processes with the ability to monitor trends and comparative dashboards Actual vs. Target, making KPI dashboards Watch List Score Card, strategy wheel, strategy tree.

Soora Ayria Mehr at a glance

The Soora Ayria Mehr (Sooramco) company is a company to increase, develop, and implementation of valuable academic researches of professors of faculty in the case of one pioneer complex that is shaped by software technology and artificial intelligence. Paying attention to the amount of data stored in database and web information sources is increasing and getting more valuable, and on the other hand, the increasing speed and focus in data analyzing, and is proving that automatic exploring of knowledge is needed. However, other Iranian companies instead of using the technology that has been released from out of the country, Sooramco is trying to work the opposite way of them by relying on Innovation and research to answer most of the questions and needs of big and official companies with remarkable success.

Sooramco Company Services

The Soora Ayria Mehr Company has several services in the fields of developing and supporting on the software on the following page we will get familiar with some of them.

Business Process Reengineering

Business Process Reengineering, which means analysis and designing again the process of business in the way of function improvement of decreasing the money usage, improving the quality, increasing the speed, at the end making it more competitive. In a simple way, deleting the old ways and new ways of point of view to business for presenting a product or the final product that the customer wants.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a general meaning of connection between some software in the way of usage of analyzing raw information data .Marketing Intelligence or Business Intelligence which has integrated system activities such as data mining, online Analysis, research and report. Actually, the main usage of artificial intelligence is to convert the collected data to a competitive point for the organization, so using the technology of business intelligence, it is necessary and needed for every organization to success.

Portals Management

The Content Management System is system software that can be middlemen for managing the portal content or website. The pros of having CMS are saving time in updating the duration of the website, security of the website, improving the portal support, flexibility and using different types of existing data information. SOORAMCO, using the most updated technology and having a group of scientific atmosphere and academic group, is ready to design and produce content management systems capable of meeting needs of customers and acceptable by the organization.

Consulting services

Data mining means to explore the data saved as drafts. With paying attention to the daily increasing weight and value of web sources and related to different sources like science, politics, marketing and etc. To the Database content and paying attention to the speed and focus in analyzing it is needed to be automatic for exploring knowledge.

Data mining and Web mining

Data mining means exploring the saved data. With paying attention to the amount of data that is increasing and getting more valuable from web sources also relatable to different sources of science, politics, marketing and... The content of data sources and taking a look at the increasing speed and focus on analyzing data shows exploring the data is needed to be automatic.

Custom application system

Custom application system means re-analyzing and redesigning the process of business in a way of getting better, including payments, increasing speed as a result of making the system more competitive. In simple words BPR, to remove the old ways and make new ways of thinking in the business for providing customers with new products or services.

Technology Information and Software

SOORAMCO with the following two strategies of daily remarkable innovation and fast developing growth now on .It is able to analyze in fields of Information Technology and prepare needed tools of software, and is ready to work with official offices in the chosen subjects.


Dr. Javad Hosseinkhani

Member of the Board and CEO

PhD in Computer Engineering

Dr. Hassan Asadollahi

Chairman of the Board and System Analyst

PhD in Computer Engineering

Solmaz Kikhaei

Board and graphical user interface designer

PhD in Computer Engineering

Dr. Ali Reza Norouzi

Data Analyzer

PhD in Computer Engineering

Dr. Mahmoud Askari

Support and Services Manager ​

PhD in Computer Engineering

Engineer Ismail Ahmadpour

Business Process Engineering Consultant

Master MBA

Dr. Abdolreza Rasooli Kanari

Database Designer​​​

PhD in Computer Engineering

Dr. Farhang Jariani

Web Project Manager​​​​

PhD in Computer Engineering

Dr. Hossein Moradi

technical manager​​​​

PhD in Computer Engineering

Pouya Mohammadian

Develop Manager​​​​

Bachelor of Software Engineering

Haniyeh Khodadadi

Database Manager​​​​

Bachelor of Software Engineering

Parsa Babaei

Database Manager​​​​

Bachelor of Software Engineering

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